Pine flooring board

Description | Pine flooring board is a building material that has been used for floor covering since time immemorial. This kind of building material is the most profitable in financial terms. The pine board is laid on beams or logs. Thanks to such a connection as a groove-groove, these pine floors are characterized by a high packing density and a perfectly flat surface with practically no differences in height.

Coating | Without cover

Connection type |  thorn -  groove


Massive boardEnvironmentally friendly product. Production is made only from the breeds of wood growing in the territory of Ukraine.

Technical information

GradeLenght,mmWidth,mmThickness.mmsq.m/ in packHardness according to BrinellDensity, kg/m3
Standart1000 - 3000100 - 18520 - 40




Characteristic of sortings

GradeKnots to 5 mmKnots over 5 mmSapwoodDiversity